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Site plan of Guggleton Farm Arts

Here is our handy map of the farm and what goes on in each building

The Men's Shed

The Shop

The Tea Shed

The Dutch Barns

Kitchen / Toilet facilities

Art Exhibition space
(The Milking Parlour)

Treatment Room

Art Class space & The Loft

Ceramics / The 'Potty Shed'

The Art Barn

The Tea Garden

Reception & Creative space

The Gugg is a hive of creativity, with many different classes, workshops and activities to get involved in. Currently we offer:- Ceramics, Oil Painting, Macrame, Musical Improvisation, Acrylics Painting, Air Dried Clay and Decoupage, Wet Felting, Watercolour Painting, Print Making, Cushion Making, Tote Bag Making, Bonsai, Screen Printing, Jewelry Making, Wrag Wreath Making, Mixed Media and Journaling. You can also join in our Coffee Companions mornings, Knit and Natter, and our Men’s Shed club.

Have a look at the classes available this month below or download the pdf for this month.

Our Featured Blog Posts
As The Crow Flies

The Gugg Gift Shop

As The Crow Flies stocks an affordable selection of greeting cards, jewelry, prints, glassware, ceramics and small gift items, all made within a 20 mile radius of The Gugg and starting at just a few pounds.

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Who We Are

Guggleton Farm Arts is a unique creative space located in the beautiful small town of Stalbridge, Dorset, situated in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Our project has been thriving for over 25 years and was created by our founder and owner, Isabel de Pelet, who remains heavily involved today.

We became a CIC (Community Interest Company) in January 2020 and a certified member of Social Enterprise UK in January 2021. Our team includes 7 local directors and a 14 strong Creative Committee of artists, craftworkers, and members of the local community.

Our goal is to provide opportunities for everyone, from residents to visitors, to explore creativity at all levels. We believe that creativity is key to personal development and well-being, which is why we offer a welcoming environment for all ages and experience levels to get involved in a range of artistic disciplines such as painting, sculpture, stone carving, textile design, printmaking, music and performance, ceramics, and associated crafts.

We support established artists by providing them with a space to experiment, new artists with the network, structure, and exposure to develop, and raw artists with the opportunity to grow. Our non-outcome based approach promotes a refreshing counterpoint to everyday life, and we believe that the process and journey of creating is just as important as the final outcome.

We invite you to become a part of our creative community, whether you’re an artist, crafter, or simply someone who loves to explore creativity, we have something for everyone.

The Gugg

Our facilities sit neatly in the old farmyard off Station Road in Stalbridge, Dorset. Drop in and see what’s going on! You’re always welcome…

01963 363456

Company No:12405322

Guggleton Farm Arts, aka The Gugg, is a not-for-profit Community-Interest-Company that proactively seeks to provide many forms of art, to anyone in the local community, and beyond; in a supportive, non-judgemental and safe environment, to enhance the wellbeing and abilities of all involved.

GUGGLETON FARM ARTS CIC is a Certified Social Enterprise and accredited member of SOCIAL ENTERPRISE UK.