Stunning wax study in progress by William Montgomery in The Milking Parlour Gallery at The Gugg. Will will be working on new compositions in the space on the following dates: September 2023- 19,20,22,26,27,29 between 11am and 3pm. He’d love to chat about his process, inspiration and plans if you would like to join him.

Will is a skilled animalier sculptor who primarily works with wax. He was raised in the idyllic countryside of Southwest England, drawing inspiration from his upbringing on the family farm. Will studied Physiotherapy at university, which provided him with a comprehensive understanding of the musculoskeletal system. This knowledge of the skeletal system, muscles, tendons, joint articulations, and biomechanics has made a tremendous impact on Will’s technique and approach to sculpture. He applies this understanding to his work, creating accurate and dynamic animal sculptures that capture the essence of the animal’s movement and form.